Music group HI-FI was founded in 2002 by music composer Petr Wajsar, who is an established composer of classical concert music (Czech Philharmonic, SOČR, FOK and many others others), creator of film music (Czech Lion Award 2019 for the music for the film Hastrman) and music advertising and used (musical jingles of TV stations Good for CNN). Playful lyrics and a funk foundation with elements of electronics over the years of the group's activities won the hearts of fans at Colors festivals of Ostrava, Trutnov Open Air Festival or Rock For People and on dozens of music club stages all over the country. Their repertoire consists of proven songs of the band's well-known repertoire (Makumba, Zevl je fajn), the encore also includes a catchy hit Alcoholic, made famous by Vojta Dyk and vocal group Skety and already has tens of millions on the Internet view. The show is accompanied by imaginative video projection that uses elements synchronized videos matching rhythmically right into the music flow. It's just that about a band whose potential works best live a concert on the stage of a club or festival that he is not afraid of the variety of musical genres.


Petr Wajsar


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+420 777 876 532