petr wajsar / composer


composer, arranger, singer, piano player, guitar player, bass-guitar player and lyricist. Born in Prague, November 14, 1978s. Petr Wajsar studied composition and arranging of modern popular music at the Conservatory in Prague with Angelo Michajlov (1993-94), Milan Svoboda (1994-98) and Michal Pavlíček (1998-99). He continued his music composition studies at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek in Prague with Stanislav Jelínek (1999-2000) and at the Academy of Musical Arts (AMU) with Václav Riedlbauch (2000-2009). Wajsar's works include classical, jazz, popular and film music.

Wajsar collaborates with many leading Czech ensembles and institutions. He has composed pieces for the Czech Philharmonic, the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic, the Hradec Králové Philharmonic and many others; his compositions were performed several times at the Prague Spring Festival. Together with the linguist Pavel Novotný, he wrote the opera recital Tramvestie / 2019 / for the Nová Scéna (New Stage) of the National Theater in Prague, which maps the tram ride between the cities of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou. He also wrote a composition for cello and orchestra for the Czech Philharmonic and soloist Václav Petr. Wajsar was awarded the Czech Lion (Český Lev) Award 2018 for the film Hastrman by Ondřej Havelka, also received a nomination for the Alfred Radok Award for music for the musical Pornstar (2010, by Petr Kolečko and Tomáš Svoboda) and received the audience award and the Nuberg jury 2013 for the composition Eight Sentences on a Fan, to name a few.

With the vocal ensemble SKETY, for which he writes most arrangements and original compositions, he participates in concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad. SKETY also collaborate with many other soloists and ensembles, and are a frequent addition to social events and television shows / Český Lev 2016, StarDance 2018 /. In 2014, they won the first prize in the jazz category at the international a cappella ensemble competition in Graz, Austria.

He is a leader of HI-FI, a popular festival hit with its playful lyrics and funk underpinnings with elements of electronics over the years of the group's activities won the hearts of fans at the Colors festivals of Ostrava, Trutnov Open Air Festival or Rock For People and on dozens of music club stages all over the country.

In addition to these activities, he tours with the one-member electronic music project DEVELOOPER, which is the result of an effort to synthesize techniques that allow him to generate music directly during the performance without prior preparation of the material, so the repertoire is very variable. In addition to the musical component, it often uses videos synchronized with music. Therefore, in addition to the classic song festival set, DEVELOOPER often performs at festivals of alternative and electronic music / Alter 2018 - 19, Master Of Puppets 2017, Cool v plotě 2019 -2021, POHODA 2021 and many others.


The Moon Sheep (Ch. Morgenstern) for female choir, string orchestra, percussion and electronics: 1. Lunovis, 2. Skřet Půlnoc, 3. Veliké lalulá (1999, premiere conducted by author, his orchestra and choir, author`s graduation concert)

Signals for vocal quartet, wind quintet, drums and electronic track (author`s lyrics, 2000)

Interjection for a Mixed Choir (2001)

Emitgar for piano and string orchestra (2001)

Africa for Symphony Orchestra (2003, premiered bythe Czech Symphony Orchestra, Leoš Svárovský, Prague premieres 2005)

Tuitytuityutyu Suite for String Quartet (2004)

Series of compositions for the female choir Brécy (12 voices and beatbox, 2004–06)

Waltzar for chamber orchestra (2005, premiered by Berg Chamber Orchestra, Peter Vrábel, Contemporary Music Marathon 2006)

Peripheral Dance for chamber orchestra (2006, premiered by Berg Chamber Orchestra, Peter Vrábel, Czech Television program Music Business Card, directed by Jiří Nekvasil, 2007)

Sketch for the Cathedral for Chamber Orchestra, based on a painting by František Kupka Cathedral (2007, premiered by Berg Chamber Orchestra, Peter Vrábel)

Drum´n´Berg for Berg Chamber Orchestra and Video Track (premiered by Berg Chamber Orchestra, Peter Vrábel, Nuberg 2007)

Series of compositions for the author's project EwaVe (2007 - 2009)

Bellvoices for girls' choir and electronic track (2008)

Ambient Piece no. 1 for chamber orchestra and live video (premiered by Berg Chamber Orchestra, Peter Vrábel, Nuberg 2010)

5-6-5 / 5-5-6 / 6-5-5 for clarinet and string orchestra (premiered by Karel Dohnal, clarinet, Pavel Haas Chamber Orchestra, Tomáš Hanák, 2010)

Tee-de-tee adapted for soprano, solo quinton, string orchestra and saxophone quartet (premiered by Gabriel Vermelho, Bohemia saxophone quartet, Pavel Haas Chamber Orchestra, Tomáš Hanák, Prague 2011)

A Transparent World for a Reciter, Orchestra and Female Choir (premiered by Lukáš Prchal, conductor, project Stravinsky / Wajsar / Stravinsky 2011)

Birdie Pranks for solo clarinet (premiered by Karel Dohnal, Ostrava Days 2011)

Mirrors for two string quartets (premiered by Epoque Quartet, Eve Quartet, concerts of FOK, 2012)

Eight movements on a fan, a small melodrama for recitation, a small orchestra and an electronic track (text by Paul Claudel, 2012, premiered by Berg Orchestra, Vršovice Mana Theater, 12 November 2012)

Minimini for Agon Orchestra and electronic tracks based on graphic scores by Milan Adamčiak (premiere 2013)

Folklore inspiration for saxophone quartet (premiered by Prague Sax Quartet, Eduard Nápravník Festival 2013)

Stroboskop for piano and clarinet (premiered by Martin Kasík, Karel Dohnal, Czech Chamber Music Association 2014)

Mobile bagatelle for mobile phone and orchestra (premiered by The Czech Philharmonic 2015)

Four Angry Men and Orchestra (premiered by The Czech Philharmonic, Petr Altrichter, 2016)

Harpsycho for harpsichord (composition for competitors of the Prague Spring Festival Competition, 2016)

Zlín Lines (premiered by the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic, Tomáš Brauner, 2018)

Prague Metamorphoses (premiered by FOK, Tomáš Brauner, 2021)


Albert is scared Music for a Pantomime Performance (directed by James Donlon, 2007)

Maryša, music for an original ballet (directed by Alena Pešková, Josef Kajetán Tyl Theater in Pilsen, 2008)

Pornstars, music for an original musical (directed by Tomáš Svoboda, Roxy Experimental Space; directed by Tomáš Svoboda, Petr Bezruč Theater, 2009)

Gameboy, music for an original musical fairy tale (directed by Tomáš Svoboda, Kladno Municipal Theater, 2010)

Hamlet (directed by Dan Špinar, Švanda Theater in Smíchov 2013)

Too Close To The Sun (directed by Irina Andreeva, Teatr Novogo Fronta, Alta Holešovice 2014)

From the Life of an Insect (directed by Dan Špinar, National Theater in Prague 2014)

Tramvestie, music for the opera / text Pavel Novotný, directed by Marek Bureš, National Theater in Prague 2019 /


Václavák 2008, music for a documentary film (directed by Libuše Rudinská, 2008)

House with a Green Roof, music for a documentary film (directed by Blanka Závitkovská, 2009)

Skier (Lyžar), music for a documentary film (directed by Marek Bureš, 2011)

Little Star (Hvězdička), music for a television film (directed by Martin Dolenský, Czech Television 2012)

My Undressed Diary (Můj vysvlečený deník), music for a movie (directed by Martin Dolenský, 2012)

The Real Knight (Pravý rytíř), music for a movie (directed by Martin Dolenský, 2016)

Three-way life (Trojí život), music for a movie (directed by Jakub Sommer, 2018)

Hastrman, music for a movie (directed by Ondřej Havelka, 2018)

Roll and Disappear (Ubal a zmiz), music for a movie (directed by Adam Hobzik, 2021)


Unfinished radio, a radio acoustic composition parodying radio broadcasting (premiere in Michal Rataj's Radiocustica, Czech Radio, 2009).


Songs for a band Stromboli, arrangement for string quartet and electronics (Stromboli in Quartet 2001)

Michal Pavlíček Film Music Orchestration for the British series Scarlet Pimpernel (2002–04)

Michal Pavlíček and the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra in the Beat Hall of Fame (conductor Vladimír Válek, 2006)

Songs by Jaroslav Ježek and George Gershwin, arrangement for chamber orchestra (Berg Chamber Orchestra, Peter Vrábel, Talichův Beroun 2007)

Songs for Ida Kellarová and the Symphony Orchestra (Unfortunately, I don't know the song of my soul, I can't remember and I can't remember the notes either., Ida Kellarová, Apsora Choir, Hradec Králové Philharmonic, Marek Valášek, 2008)

Songs by the Stromboli group, arrangement for Kolet's mining music (leader Miroslav Srna, Dočesná festivities, Žatec 2008)

A mixture of songs, arrangement for Karel Gott and the beatbox group Beatburger Band (Czech Television show Zlatý slavík 2009)

Pop songs, arrangement for Tap-Tap Orchestra and Berg Chamber Orchestra (conductor Peter Vrábel, Old Town Square, Prague 2009)

Arrangement of author`s own compositions for the music group EWaVe and symphony orchestra (Pilsen Philharmonic & EWaVe, Koji Kawamota 2010)

Variations/Arrangements of parts of the opera Porgy and Bess (Children's Opera Prague, Jiřina Marková-Krystlíková, Czech Television show Opera We Enjoy 2010)

Songs by the band Stromboli, arrangement for symphony orchestra (Michal Pavlíček trio, Prague Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, Miriam Němcová, Christmas Classical Rocking 2010)

Arrangement of Beatles songs for vocal group Gentlemen Singers (2010)

Participation in orchestral arrangements of songs by African singer Solo Dja Kabako (Solo Dja Kabako, Yellow Sisters, Instant Film Orchestra, Organ Orchestrovič Bauer, Symphony for Africa 2011)

Orchestration and arrangement of musical motifs by Michal Pavlíček for the British series Merlin (2011)

Arrangement of Czech carols for the vocal group Gentlemen Singers (2012)

Songs from the musical West Side Story (Hradec Králové Philharmonic, 2013)


Stromboli in quartet (Sony Music / Bonton 2001)

Drum´n´bass (Fontana Music Library 2006)

Nuberg 2007 (Orchestr Berg 2007)

Nuberg 2009 (Orchestra Berg 2009)

Vocal variations (Fontana Music Library 2009)

Nuberg 2010 (Orchestr Berg 2010)

The Beatles Retrospection (Bohemia Music 2010) - Gentlemen Singers

HI-FI: Digestoř (Indies Scope 2010)

Nuberg 2013 (Berg Orchestra 2013)

Yellow Sisters LIVE & Petr Wajsar (Yellow Sisters 2014)

SKETY: Skety (Skety 2014)

SKETY: Týdytý (Warner Music Czech Republic 2017)

SKETY: LIVE (Warner Music Czech Republic 2021)